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I’m syncing a vault between two android devices and a laptop. One of the devices doesn’t sync completely so that not all the files and folders are either existent or on the right place.

I have restarted many times the synchronisation, closed and reopened the vault, deleted and recreated it and so on. Sometimes in the logs you can see that files were pushed by the server but at the end obviously not processed correctly.

In addition to that, it seems when obsidian app goes to background on that device (e.g. while the screen turns off) the synchronisation stops. I have also turned the battery optimisation for obsidian off, with no result.

I would appreciate any support :slight_smile:

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To sync, the app needs to be open on mobile (in the foreground).
On initial sync, you need to let everything sync. You also have to select which file types you want to sync on every device.

Thank you. I’ve got around 2,7 G Data (notes and attachments) and am not able to keep the app the whole time until the sync is done manually in the foreground :thinking:

I have also tried first to sync only the notes, and then the attachments, it was also not successful.

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You could try it via Google Drive …

On your Android Devices …

Use the free(including access to Google Drive(tested), OneDrive,, Dropbox, Yandex.disk, ОБЛАКО, Webdav and others) X-plore File Manager Android app:

then follow these File Sync instructions
(free: 1 Folder Pair(editable) - more:$3.60)

AND on your laptop …


Thank you very much indeed :+1: To be honest, I actually want to use obsidian sync because I want to support this great product :innocent: so it would be great if I would be able to do so :wink:

BTW, My laptop and one of the android devices are now fully synced but the one I was talking about has only synced about half of the repository and now there are no activities more :roll_eyes:


Sure, if Obsidian sync is working than no point in implementing my backup suggestion.

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Not fully, one device yes, one no :smirk:

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Thank you very much for your support. I was finally able to resolve this issue by deleting and reinstalling everything (App + vault) and starting from scratch. Now everything works fine.

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this was a problem I’ve been having for a while now:

and I’m hoping the above procedure will help #fingerscrossed

Unfortunately I must revise my last update … sync is still not working. When I edit notes on e.g. my notebook, on my phone the changes are synced, but on my tablet not. In the logs one can see that the file has been pushed by the server but there is not statement, file was downloaded and accepted.
So still any advises are appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi @Licat could you please take a look at this case? :pray: :pray: :pray:

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I’ve just also activated the synchronisation of the main settings and since then it seems to work properly. Maybe this was the solution :thinking: :astonished: I have no clue, what I am doing :innocent: :upside_down_face:

I’m late to the party but yeah if you got that much data, it’ll take a while for the initial setup - I’d recommend plugging the charging cable in and turning the auto-screen-off to a longer period temporarily until it says fully synced.

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Hi, and welcome to the party :face_with_hand_over_mouth: thank you very much. Since yesterday the synchronization seems to work well. I did exactly what you said but first after turning the synchronization of the main settings on, the push and pull mechanism started working :thinking:

But now I’m happy. Thank you

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