Sync (Obsidian) overwrote complete file

Steps to reproduce

a. Sync PC and Mobile over a shared Vault
b. Disconnect from the synced Vault on Mobile
c. Write something new into File-A on PC (while the sync on the mobile phone is off)
d. Write something new into File-A on Mobile too
e. Reconnect to the synced Vault on Mobile

Expected result

That only new lines will be synced, not the whole file.
The lines from PC which would have been new for the Mobile device should first be synced to the Mobile device, and then the new lines from Mobile also to the PC.

Actual result

The whole file from the Mobile device is synced to the PC it seems. the new lines in File-A from the PC are gone.


  • Operating system: Android 9, Windows 10

Additional information

// When i have both devices synced over a shared Vault and my phone goes off the internetconnection, then still single lines seem to be synced, not the whole .md file is exchanged from device to device.

I don’t think this is a bug. There is no way easy way to meaningfully merge files with no shared history (not being connected to a remote vault).

In the past the merge with no shared history produced a single file with a concatenation of the two versions (and people who used daily notes at startup hated it because it generates a daily mess).

Now, the most recent file wins.

Cant we just decide ourself how we want to sync the files? I like to have the “concatenation”. Changes from both files come together´, and not just one randomly deleting the other.
(Sync just disconnected, why?)
Seems this case will appear often when using the app now

It’s not “randomly”, the most recent version is picked.
The other version should still be accessible in Obsidian’s sync history.

Ok. When I edit i file on Computer or Mobile, i will not always whatch out for what device is the last one on this file editing, so for me as a user it is random, thats what i mean. The tech aside, doesn’t bring me anything if it is the “last file”. Ok then i really don’t know why i should pay 10$ if Git is syncinc for free for me or if i can just use the cloud that i already have. Encryption? I can use syncthing also, encrypted. (Edit: Notion is capable of good syncing, and they do it for free, or 5$/month)
Is Obsidian not even considering something like that, to manually decide the syncprocedure?

Once again, the “most recent wins strategy” is only used when there is no shared history. Once there is an established shared history (i.e. the file has been synced one time in all locations) the usual merge algorithm is used.

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Ahh, okay. Makes sense now to me. Alrighty, thank you. Then i try to figure out now how it happened that my Phone disconnectewd the sync (yepp, i opened another thread for this seperately:).