Sync Not Completing on Mac

Things I have tried

Removing and reinstalling Obsidian on Mac, deleting the vault on Mac and starting again

What I’m trying to do

Using Obsidian Sync to keep my vaults synced across iOS and MacOS. It was working well until a few days ago and now the sync icon on my Mac never shows complete. If I write on the Mac then only half the document gets synced. Strangely anything I write on iOS syncs to Mac no problem.

Can you share a screenshot of he sync status?

Screenshot below, everything seems to be updated (from iOS, haven’t added anything from MacOS recently. The sync status in the menu bar is still showing purple and when I hover over that it says trying to sync daily stats plugin, which is no longer installed. I guess that might be the problem, but I have already uninstalled the plugin. Is there somewhere else I need to remove it from?

Actually never mind, I removed the daily stats plugin from the plugin folder and that has fixed it. Thanks

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