Sync multiple vaults but publish from one of the synced vault only

I have one main vault that contains all my notes/journals/… (). Obviously, I don’t want to publish all contents here. For this reason, I have another vault (published).

I want to have all scripts that are published in a separate vault, but also present in the main vault. This way, I don’t need to worry about whether I will be publishing a private note by mistake.

Both main vault and the published vault are synced via Obsidian Sync. Is there a way to have files in the published vault also available in the main vault. But, the publication of scripts can ONLY be done through the published vault.

I know that I can have both vault merged and choose whatever files I want to publish.
But, ideally I want to have an automated way to publish contents instead of relying on the fact that I manually select/deselect files to be published.
Another pros of having a separate vault is that you know for sure that your private notes in the main vault won’t be published even by mistake!!

Any suggested automated workflow to achieve above?

Thanks in advance

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