Sync: let the user know they have to purchase sync subscription

Sign up for Obsidian for 1 year.
Use It.
Attempt to set up a Sync Vault. This involves drilling thru the menus and filling in the dialogue for creating a Sync Vault. Press the button to create it.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]Y

Expected result

Either it makes a Sync Vault or it tells me I need to pay money to do so.

Actual result

Failed Silently

Once I figured out that I may need to pay for it up front, I did. And things worked.

It did have me scratching my head. Please tell me rather than doing nothing.

Improvements to the Sync setup experience are planned. Obsidian Roadmap - Obsidian

Syncing is a major obstacle for effective use of Obsidian, especially on iOS. Please escalate its status on the roadmap.