Sync issues with Mobile/Computer

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[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx

Not really sure if this is a mobile issue, more like sync issue. I wanted only certain folders to sync to my mobile, so that I don’t fill the memory of my phone with a lot of stuff. The issue was that when this was done, I went to my computer, these folders had disappeared (and I can’t even manage them in the manage synced folders). I understood, this would be what the device in question syncs, while the vault online would have all the files.

I want all my files on my computer and only some on my phone. Is this not possible? Then the mobile app is kinda useless to me…

There is an option in the Sync settings to exclude specific folders. It opens a modal with checkboxes. Select the folders you do not want to sync.

Yes, I did this in my mobile. And then they disappeared from my computer altogether. I managed to get most of them back but a few notes seem to have fully disappeared (I think because they originally were only on my computer…

I haven’t tried this feature yet. I can maybe test it later. But in the meantime:

If you open that “Excluded folders” settings on your computer, did those folders get checked on your computer too? Or are they not showing up in that list anymore? (actually disappeared?)

Can you please confirm that you are talking about “Selective sync” and “Exluded folders → Manage”. Because in your post you said “manage synced folders”. Let’s just make sure we’re talking about the same thing. I think we are, because you replied to jwl. Just making 100% sure.

Can you see those missing folders if you go to “Deleted files” in the Sync settings? Maybe they were deleted, and not just selectively unsynced.

You also have the sync log to see if you can spot any problems that happened.