Sync is not working as expected

Things I have tried

I should say, it’s not working as I expected it to work, which might not be the correct way. The one thing I’ve tried is to do is the same thing over and over trying to make it work as I thought it would, but it will not.

What I’m trying to do

On my desktop Obsidian I have only one Vault. I have everything in that one vault making it all easy to get to. Some of my files include pdf files which are often quite large. So my idea was to split the folders in my vault to several online sync vaults.

So I have one desktop vault and three online sync vaults.

All my Project files that I’m working on I wanted to sync to just one of those online sync vaults. The reference files that I have to a second online sync vault. Then some books I’m reading to a third online sync. Altogether these will add up to more than 5 gigabytes, but split up like this the tree online vaults will be nicely balanced.

So then I choose my first vault, Project vault, I go to exclude folders, and uncheck the folders I do not want in that online vault. Then I did the same thing for the other two vaults.

But, what I noticed is that the folders that I unclick for one sync vault, stay unclick for the other two sync vaults. The excluded folders show to be the same no matter which vault I’m connected too. Is that the way it should be? Each of the sync vaults seem to be syncing the same things.

Is the problem that for each online sync vault, I have to have a separate desktop vault. Meaning one desktop vault for each online sync vault.

Yes, I think you got the problem right.

The idea is to have one desktop vauilt for every online vault.
We haven’t considered splitting a desktop vault in multiple online vaults.

You can open a feature request