Sync iOS and windows 10 without subscription

Is it possible to sync an iOS and a Widows 10 obsidian account without paid subscription ?

I read that it was possible with google drive between android and windows 10.
But how do it between an iphone and windows 10?
Is it possible ?

Stolen from @Synchronicity :sunglasses:

These are the methods currently believed to work for syncing between Windows and iOS devices:

Obsidian Sync

Self-hosted LiveSync plugin

Remotely Save plugin and various cloud services, including Amazon S3 or S3-compatible, Dropbox, OneDrive for personal, and Webdav

Git with the Working Copy iOS app

More info:


Obsidian sync is free ?



A bit techy but after a week or so, you’ll get it up and running:

Not possible to simply use iCloud? Not free for Windows users?

iCloud on Windows, using Obsidian, is bad sauce. Best avoided. The Discord auto response:

iCloud on Windows is known to cause file duplication and corruption issues. We highly suggest avoiding using this combination.


That’s a shame. An idea shot down in flames. :rofl:

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Pew pew pew :gun:


I’m using icloud to sync my laptop and my ipad and unfortunally it’s not that great. Every single time I open it on my laptop, my files got duplicates (sometimes I have 12x the same file lmao).

Since I can’t pay for obsidian sync and I don’t have space on my ipad to not use icloud, I’m looking for a way to avoid this, but still nothing.

There are threads on the internet, including on this site where they talk about using Windows 7 iCloud.exe instead of the Win10/11 Microsoft Store app, which works without generating duplicates.
I still opted for Git sync, for other reasons; see my reply a few posts up.

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There are other ways listed in this very thread.

An interesting topic this. I have only just found this youtube video that has a different approach by using a file setup as a local server. This has merit and I will give it a go. I would be interested to know if anyone has tried this already.

I was facing the same problems syncing with iPhone and Windows 11. I read a solution who is been working for two weeks without problems.

After that I realized iCloud Drive can’t handle multiples read and writes at the same time like it should, so I separate the config folder (Settings, About, Advanced), created one folder called .mobile and set the field to it.

The config folder has a lot of IOPS because it manages how the workspace is presented to you, (open tabs, views, themes, plug-ins), and when you mixed that with writing a note (which is constantly been write, mostly in every key you press, iCloud Drive can’t keep up).

And it’s a good practice separate the plug-ins too, because not every plug-in will properly work on iPhone.

In Windows a marked the Vault folder as “Always keep in the device” and then in the .mobile folder, I mark as “Free Up Space”, because I don’t need it to be synced with my computer at all.

Are you saying that after setting a separate config folder, you no longer get duplicated notes?

Yes! Exactly!
Even when I’m writing a note on desktop, switch to mobile and return to desktop.

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