Sync function

Is there any known problem with ‘sync’?
I edited a file on one device and opened it on another device but it showed no update.
I had the green check mark on the right down window corner on both devices.

When you open the version history for that file on the computer on which you didn’t edit it, is it there but as an earlier version?

I experienced more unexpected behaviour!
Half day work is gone!
Yesterday I created a new file in the late afternoon and a short while after I added stuff I finished work on it.
Today I continued working on that file from late morning until two hours ago on that file on another computer. When I came back it was in the state of yesterday late/this late morning before I started.
I checked the other computer but could not find a history of it.
I checked the log and could find a push from the other computer.
This is definitly not what I find usefull! I stoped sync!

There should be an option to show the version history for a file when you open the options for a note. (The three dots.)

Was there no prior version of your file? Because if so, that would be odd.

Sorry for not answering not earlier but I was in the end on my thesis and had to focus on the dead line. After that I needed a few days off.

Now I want to come back to the sync problem because I want to work with other people on my base to enhance it to a later product - probably/hopefully.

I have the feeling that the computer on which I did the registration is in a way the leading one and unfortuately overwrites files on the other devices.

I have to solve this insecurity before I can go further an collaborate with others. Is there anybody who has some similar experience?