Sync Folding Action on Linked Panes

Use case or problem

(Haven’t seen this posted, sorry if this has!)

I typically work with two panes open, the Editor and Preview panes linked to each other to see how my edits look in the final view simultaneously. When I fold lists in either Edit or Preview, the folding only happens in that pane and doesn’t replicate in the other pane. It’s not as “linked” as it could be.

Proposed solution

An added improvement to folding/unfolding. When you click the triangle to fold/unfold or when you use the hotkeys to do so, whether that be done in Editor or Preview, have the action be replicated onto the other pane. This should definitely happen when both panes are Linked because it makes sense if it doesn’t when they’re not linked.

(and thanks for making Obsidian so amazing already ^-^)

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