Sync Excalidraw files

Excalidraw is a fantastic plugin but currently sync does not include Excalidraw files which seriously hampers the plugin. Would it be possible to provide a patch to the sync service to include Excalidraw files in the files that get sync’d ?

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Since this is a third-party plugin, it’s best to request directly to @zsviczian, the creator of the plugin. Try opening a pull request:

I don’t think this is a plugin issue but a core sync issue. The sync service is ignoring the files. I don’t think there is anything @zsviczian can do about this.

Sorry—I misunderstood. If I hear you correctly, you would like Obsidian Sync to synchronize all file types. Please correct me if I am wrong. If so, there is already a feature request for this functionality :smiley:

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This is an Obsidian sync limitation. Licat knows and will provide a solution in due time. For the mean time, I have implemented a workaround solution that was published yesterday in Excalidraw 1.0.10. The solution involves creating a parallel cache of Excalidraw files in a sync folder using markdown files. These files are synced and converted back into Excalidraw files on the other end. It is a slightly messy temporary solution, but so far, based on my testing, a reliable.