Sync before Open daily note on startup

Use case or problem

This seems rather like a bug, than a feature request. There is a race condition mentioned in this thread which indicates Daily Notes are created prior to Sync, which may be the cause of this issue.

I use Obsidian with Sync on multiple devices. I have Settings β†’ Daily notes β†’ Open daily note on startup set to True.

If I have an existing Daily Note created from a Template in my synced vault, and open this vault on a new device with that same template, the template gets reinserted into my Daily Note, in other words, making it appear twice. This duplicated daily note is then synced!

As the Bug thread was closed, I am adding this as a Feature Request.

Proposed solution

Have Obsidian sync prior to creating Daily Note for Open daily note on startup

Current workaround (optional)

The only workaround I know of, is go to Settings-> Daily notes β†’ Open daily note on startup, and turn this off. But I always want to start in Daily, I just don’t want the existing template duplicated!

Related feature requests (optional)


syncing before opening obsidian will delay obsidian startup time to unacceptable levels.

I suggested to sync before creating daily note, not sync before opening obsidian.

Are you a developer at Obsidian?


I came here to post the same thing! Current workflow:

  • start day on PC. Open Obsidian
  • daily note opens with template, fill out.
  • close PC.
  • start work day on mac. Open Obsidian
  • daily note runs before sync is done causing the template to be duplicated in the daily note

I agree, it would be nice if we could fix this!

@WhiteNoise any chance that we can help with this?

Hello, I have the same problem, my daily note are over right on mobile and sync. I have to go in file history to restore it.

Had extactly the same problem, with automatic creation of daily notes and two computers i would often get a bad merge on the second computer as it was just creating an empty note, applying it’s template, and receiving the one created on the first computer, merging both into a frankennote. Probably plugins and startup stuff should have the time to all execute their opening lifecycle and return a ready before syncing can begin.