Symlink type transclusion between folders in same vault?

Is there a way to link an entire file between folders within the same vault?

My use-case is that I’m writing a paper and have the subchapters in different folders to keep them organized better while also still deciding how to sort them (e.g. whether chapter 3 comes before 2 or something like that).

However, since I’m bound to certain page limits, I need to periodically check to see how I’m doing in that regard. So I export it to a .docx file via the pandoc plugin.

Now my problem is that I’d need to either drag and drop the relevant files into one single folder and then use the Longform plugin to compile those notes, or I copy and paste the relevant text into one note manually. The problem with the latter is that I’d have to also manually keep them synced, but repeatedly copying the contents of a note.

I’ve tried this by transcluding the notes into one meta-note, but transcluded notes are ignored in the pandoc conversion; at least in the plugin version.

I’ve tried symlinking it (I think that’s what it is; on Linux hold Ctrl and Shift while dragging a file in the file explorer) but these file links don’t show up in the Obsidian explorer.

So to some up: I have notes A, B, C in folder 1; notes D, E, F in folder 2, etc. I would like to export notes B and F. So far I’ve had to either copy the text from those notes, or copy the entire notes.

Any pointers or ideas?

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