Switching to a different vault

Things I have tried

Following a suggestion on the Logseq forum I put my vault inside a Logseq directory. (Supposedly required in order for Logseq on iPhone or iPad to access these folders.) Now when start up Obsidian I am presented with the option of three “vaults,” each of which is a folder required by Logseq, neither of which is an Obsidian vault. (See attached screenshot.)

In Obsidian on my Macbook I am able to use the “Open another vault” command to direct Obsidian to the actual vault I want to open. On my iPad or iPhone I can’t get past the initial screen into Obsidian to see if there’s an “Open another vault” command in the mobile versions.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to get past Obsidian’s open screen on my iPhone/iPad and then direct Obsidian to the vault I want to open.

There’s no “open vault from folder” on iOS. On iOS and iPadOS, Obsidian only has access to and vaults can only be in:

iCloud Drive/Obsidian (iCloud)
On My iPhone/Obsidian (local)

I haven’t used Logseq and don’t know how it works, but assume it only has access to its own folders on iOS as well (but could be wrong).

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OK, I Guess I’ve been trying to open a vault outside iCloud/Obsidian and iPhone/Obsdian. I guess those who’ve been able to access common directories by Obsidian and Logseq have been doing so on the desktop version. Don’t see how it could be done in iOS/iPadOS.

Thanks for your help.

I was curious so downloaded Logseq for iOS and created a few notes.

The “graph” (vault) structure is

I copied this folder into an Obsidian vault and could see and edit the notes in /journals. I then went back into Logseq and picked Add new graph > Select an existing graph. It deceptively lets you browse the entire file system but when selecting the graph folder I moved into Obsidian, I get this:

As you said, the forum post must be referring to desktop only.

That said, I’m still stuck not being able to open a vault in a valid iOS/iPadOS directory.

That error message is not helpful. Reading only “Logseq can only save or access graphs in a directory with a Logseq icon stored inside,” which I had. Reading on it says, “located either in “iCloud Drive,” “On my iPhone,” or “On my iPad,” and the folder I was trying to access was in iCloud Drive.

The catch, it was explained to me on the Logseq forum, is that the graphs have to be stored in the unique Logseq directory created when Logseq was installed on your device.

That directory is in the Logseq sandbox. It’s the only place Logseq can access directories or files.

So, same as Obsidian. That’s why I said Logseq lets you deceptively browse anywhere because you can’t actually choose anywhere. lol

Regarding your Obsidian vault: on your Mac, find your original Obsidian vault folder, e.g., “MYVAULT” with the .obsidian folder in it (cmd + shift + . to show hidden folders if you don’t see them) and move that into iCloud Drive/Obsidian/ either from within Obsidian (vault switcher > three dots > “move vault…”) or with the Finder.

It should show up on the iPad once iCloud syncs.

Thanks. At a complete loss without that. My day is done. I’ll do it in the morning.

Checking this morning, I see that everything needed for a vault is located in the original Obsidian folder, the one created when Obsidian was installed on my MacBook. See screenshot.

Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 10.56.19 AM

But I still can get into that directory/vault on my iOS/iPadOS devices. Is there a way?

Make a backup of the files/folders if you feel necessary.
Do this with Obsidian closed on all devices.

Create a new folder with the vault name you want, MYVAULT, inside the Obsidian folder and put all the folders/files that belong in that vault into it. So,

    0.0 index.md

“Obsidian” is the root iCloud folder. Your vault(s) folder goes in there, not any files or settings. Here’s my iCloud Drive with three vaults. Each has a .obsidian folder, notes, etc.

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 4.36.47

iOS/iPadOS should just see the vault, but you’ll need to point desktop Obsidian at the MYVAULT folder. That should be it!

Thanks. All done.

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