Switching from Edit to Preview or back --position in file is lost

in large markdown files, it would be nice if the cursor position stayed at the same place when switching from “edit” to “preview” … my work-around is to use Command F to search for were I was.

Use case or problem

Proposed solution

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How large does the file need to be? I tried it on a 6,700-word file and my scroll position was preserved when I switched between modes.

I tried this again with the word-count “on” and my file was 55,000 words, but I think you are more correct than me here because the file position is a lot closer on preview to the editing point. I think I simply loose focus because the file format changes and there is no cursor to point you where you are when going from edit to preview. Sometimes the editing point is just off the screen in preview, so I get lost.

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