Switching from Dark to Light, Some Elements Stay on Dark Theme

I’ve seen this happen a number of times in the past - if I switch from a dark theme to a light theme (same theme, in this case Minimal), the left menu stays with it’s dark features.

It’s worse than that. If the user has a light scheme set in the operating system (e.g. macOS) before Obsidian is installed then the program starts in dark mode! Sure they can switch to Obsidian’s own light scheme but they should not have to. Programs must always honour the user’s preference. Obsidian should therefore have its own preference of

Preferences > Appearance > Base colour scheme

set to

Adapt to System

from installation. For people like me who have Mears-Irlen Syndrome any other setting is disability discrimation.

There are at least two other places in Obsidian where this discrimination occurs the Open Help panel and Open Another Vault. And because these cannot be changed they are making me consider giving up on the program.

I am don’t think your reply is really related to the OP problem (The OP has a specific theme issue).

You have some good points.
Please open a Feature Request for this, thanks!

I disagree. The original was about switching themes and mine is about switching themes. The handling of changing themes is clearly borked.

And where am I supposed to submit a “feature” request?

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