Switchable Tags in properties

Use case or problem

I’ve been managing my notes like this:

Status: [ Draft | In-Progress | Review | Final | Archived ]

I will add ‘#’ respectively because it’s easier than retype the tags in every new notes
but the “tags” type properties doesn’t support that, so is the “Text” type properties

Proposed solution

I honestly don’t know the best solution is so I’m just gonna pass it on to the community:)

Current workaround (optional)

I can create new “Text” type properties like:
Status: “#Draft
but it’s annoying and I’m rather to just format it without using properties.

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moved to help as I don’t quite understand this.

Sorry for confusing post, I ussually format top of my notes like this:

and then just add ‘#’

as I develop my notes I just change the tag like this because it’s easier than writing the whole tags:

I can’t do the same with the properties feature
so if it’s somehow able to do a similar thing with the properties it would be cool.

It might be a better idea to use a plugin like metadata menu which allows for custom fields (or properties nowadays) to be selected from a given list.

It would look cleaner, and not stretch/bend/… the yaml format which you seem to be doing with your current format.

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