Swipe to (un)indent

Use case or problem

On iOS, when trying to move the cursor to a specific position (short tap to position the cursor somewhere then long tap + sliding), if we go a bit too fast (during the long tap), the slide gesture opens one of the sidebars… annoying!

Moreover, using the slide gesture to (un)indent lists is quite useful in Apple Notes.

Proposed solution

Get rid of the annoying open sidebar on slide and copycat Apple Notes to (un)indent list items on slide.

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No thanks, open sidebar on slide is awesome, I use it all the time.

I changed the title to make the request more obvious (was “Slide gesture behavior & sidebars”).

I would very much like the sidebars to only open on edge swipe instead of when I swipe anywhere in the editor. Of the handful of text editors on my phone,

  • 3 use edge swipe: IA Writer, Taio and Textastic. (IA Writer used to use swipe but switched to edge swipe.)
  • 2 use neither gesture: Koder and Runestone.
  • 1 uses swipe like Obsidian: 1Writer.

I hadn’t known about Notes’s (un)indent gesture, but it’s quite nice!