Supresse lines before and behind an embedded Page or part of a page

My vaults contain a lot of more or less atomic pages. They are the base to create superior pages, which are to publish, export and so on.
Those pages contain some internal blocks a lot of embedded blocks. At the moment the lines before an behind the embedded block blowup the superior pages und make them less readable.
What I suggest is the posibility to supresse this lines to get a result page as stream of blocks without those lines. If I want to have such a line, I can insert it by my own.

Thanks for think about this

I also found these lines annoying. I found this css snippet, it removes the lines of embedded parts and you can play with the margins on the top and bottom:

.markdown-preview-view .markdown-embed { border: none; padding:0em; margin:0em; }
.markdown-preview-view .markdown-embed-content { max-height: unset;}
.markdown-preview-view .markdown-embed-content>:first-child { margin-top: 10px; }
.markdown-preview-view .markdown-embed-content>:last-child { margin-bottom: 10px; }

Maybe it works for you as well.

Thanks JayKim,
so now I have to learn, how to conect a css snippet with my vaults.