Support VIM key bindings for quick switcher navigation

Hi there!

I’d really like to be able to move the selection in the quick switcher with the ctrl-n (down) and ctrl-p (up) keys like I can in many other applications (VSCode, Evernote, vimium, etc) as it’s much faster than using the arrow keys.



I’d extend that myself to say: ctrl+n/p and/or ctrl+j/k should work in lieu of up/down arrow everywhere arrows currently work.

One issue with ctrl-u and ctrl-n, though, might be that they are by default taken by the browser. ctrl+j/k (vim-like) for up/down should be OK. Roam uses those.

Agreed. Mentioned (by me) here: Meta Post - Hotkeys


any updates on this? I need this so badly

The community plugins Another Quick Switcher and Various Complements have this feature, although it honestly just makes it a little bit more annoying that it doesn’t exist in the rest of the app :confused:

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