Support showing different taks statuses out of the box

Use case or problem

Many users including I use Obsidian for keeping track of various tasks, and have different task statuses like incomplete and various others as shown in the Tasks plugin documentation. Out of the box (no community plugins), Obsidian only supports unchecked and checked statuses, no matter what is between the [ ] box.

Proposed solution

Obsidian should have a setting to enable multiple task statuses, and show whatever regular font character in the box, or even a lucide icon of their choice depending on what they write inside [ ].

Current workaround (optional)

You can show different task statuses with CSS since the HTML elements for them have attributes for it, and you can use 3rd party plugins for managing them, including the Tasks plugin.


kepano/obsidian-minimal: A distraction-free and highly customizable theme for Obsidian

Checklists - Minimal Documentation

Syntax Description
- [ ] to-do
- [/] incomplete
- [x] done
- [-] canceled
- [>] forwarded
- [<] scheduling
- [?] question
- [!] important
- [*] star
- ["] quote
- [l] location
- [b] bookmark
- [i] information
- [S] savings
- [I] idea
- [p] pros
- [c] cons
- [f] fire
- [k] key
- [w] win
- [u] up
- [d] down
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I mean I already described plugins and CSS as workarounds.

You did not list that theme. It was a perfectly fine reply.