Support scrolling for PDF reading instead paged mode

It would be much more convenient if one could read PDFs inside obsidian just by scrolling to the next page (seamless) instead of having to click.



Agreed scrolling would extremely helpful, especially for long pdfs. Also if using the arrows to either left/right and up/down to switch pages would be nice over clicking next with the mouse.


will happen in 0.10.8

Use case or problem

The current pdf viewer is very unconvenient:

  • you cannot scroll to next page, you have to click on a button
  • you cannot zoom
  • some pdf are not displayed properly and content is missing
  • you cannot search for text

Proposed solution

Maybe use the native pdf viewer.

Current workaround (optional)

Open every pdf in another programm like a browser

Related feature requests (optional)

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we will have another pdf viewer in 0.10.8. It’s the one that is used by chrome.

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That’s great.

Does some setting have to be toggled? I am currently on v0.10.9, but still the paged mode with button clicks.

download and update from the website

I don’t know what is wrong with PDF viewer. It shows some files correctly. But I just added a file and even though it shows the picture on the cover normally the rest of the file looks likes this in it:

Edit: It got fixed somehow after couple of minutes. Maybe it was because the number of pages and it was trying to load it at the time showing that mess

Did this happen in 0.10.xx version? The PDFs I have embedded in my note have page-flipping enabled.

Yes. The mobile version is different story. Also some plugin can change the PDF view.