Support real Markdown links between notes

we don’t support reference style links for internal links.

[note](./../folder/ was fixed in 0.8.14


From the release notes: “You can now choose to auto-complete links in the markdown standard format. This will automatically encode spaces as %20.”

I can’t find this option in v0.10.6. Where’s it located?


I’m trying to use “standard” markdown links in notes that I know I’ll need to use on a mobile device with IAWriter (at least until Obsidian mobile exists), but it appears that standard markdown links are still not clickable in edit mode. Is this (lack of) functionality intentional?

It’s not clear after reading Silver’s summary here: Support real Markdown links between notes which seems to imply it should work…

Thanks. :slight_smile:

In editor mode wiki links are not clickable either, clicking modifies it. To follow the click, try Alt-clicking it.

What I mean is this:

[[to_somefile2|This is a link]]

[This is a link](to_somefile)

In the first case, in edit mode, the link is underlined when the mouse hovers over it, and a cmd-click opens the link in a new pane.

In the second case, the link is completely non-functional in edit mode. You must switch into preview mode in order to follow the link and open it in a new pane.

Why is the behavior different for two links with ostensibly identical functionality: one standard markdown format and one wikilink format?

the lack of preview is a known bug.

Ctrl/Cmd-click should work (if the link is in the correct format)

Ctrl/Cmd-click works for me too. Make sure you’re clicking in the link portion, not the name portion.

@Silver You are correct… However, don’t you think either should work - or, at the very least, there should be some visual indication that the link is clickable? The wikilink is underlined when you hover over it (so it’s evident that some operation may be possible with it) but nothing changes visually with the MD link, even when holding cmd and hovering over the link portion (not the name!) of the MD link.

which I see is what @WhiteNoise referenced (thanks).

I guess we can make the cursor appear different or make link change color at least. It’s already underlined so it can’t receive additional underline.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’m looking forward to this plugin. Is there any news about it? What’s the name of it ?

No news, still on the roadmap.