Support Mac Package Files: Auto Complete for links, and opening in their external apps

Use case or problem

In macOS it is very common for file format to be a Package (i.e. not a single file, but a folder structure that is presented as a file). When one those files is added to the vault Obsidian sees them as folders with contents inside (which technically they are) but it shouldn’t as they are abstractions and meant to be seen and used as files.

In my case I’m adding MindNode files to my vault. Their files are Document Packages

Proposed solution

Present macOS Packages (when running on the Mac) as single files. So if I added Johnny Decimal.mindnode to my vault when I type [[Johnny I’m not presented with with Johnny Decimal.mindnode/context.xml.

And when clicking a link to the package [[Johnny Decimal.mindnode]] it just opens the external app just like other files. Currently it creates a new note called Johnny

In the spirit of plugin month, would it even be possible to do this with a plugin? Basically the links and the sidebar would need to see packages as files even binary files like an image or pdf (I’m not asking that the contents of packages be searchable or anything, even if it could be done I don’t think it is right).