Support GFM style #kebab-case-heading-slug anchor targets

Use case or problem

I’m trying to use Obsidian to browse and maintain a repository of related documents that link to each other in a way compatible with GitHub, Bitbucket, VS Code, and internal tools:

## This is an Internal Heading

[This is a link to the internal heading](#this-is-an-internal-heading)

If I try to follow such a link in Obsidian, it fails:

Unable to find selection in this-document-filename

If I alter the links to use Obsidian’s preferred anchor target, users of other tools can’t follow the links:

[This link to the internal heading works in Obsidian only](#This%20is%20an%20Internal%20Heading)

Proposed solution

I’d like a repository setting useSlugsForHeadingAnchors which, if set true, altered Obsidian’s behaviour to:

  • Generate a slug for each heading in a manner compatible with GitHub’s Markdown rendering
  • Render headings with an anchor using that slug
  • Render inserted links with a target using that slug

Example rendered output given our original Markdown might be:

<h2><a id="this-is-an-internal-heading">This is an Internal Heading</a></h2>

<a href="#this-is-an-internal-heading">This is a link to the internal heading</a>

Current workaround (optional)

I can’t find a workaround.

Related feature requests (optional)

I can’t find related feature requests.


So, basically, github-compatible links, right?

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Yes please! Can we have this?

Super convenient.

I would really appreciate this feature as well.

Hi, same here. Also would be great to have support for GFM, perhaps parallel to Obsidian native markdown and be able to choose which one to use.

This feature would be essential for integration with Docusaurus, too.

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I am adding one point to this topic.
Currently all markdown editors I am familiar with, including Github, Gitlab, Stackedit, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio Code, all support #dash-style-links.

That makes it very difficult for me to move my notes collection to Obsidian as I will loose the references in the process.

Maybe we can have a configuration that allows us to chose the format of the links.