Support for storing attachments relative to the path of the current note/file

Please consider adding another option to Obsidian allowing the storage of attachments in a path relative to the path of the currently open note or file.

Use relative path for file attachments: Y
Attachment Folder Path: my_note_attachments
[note: this folder should not begin with a slash or absolute directory component]

Obsidian currently supports a dedicated attachment directory, but this directory quickly becomes overwhelmed with files and quite unmanageable.

Suppose I have the following vault open:

And the following note/file is being edited:

(which has a full path of /home/user/Obsidian/history/1944/

If I drag an attachment called “picture.jpg” to my .md file, it will then be located in /home/user/Obsidian/history/1944/my_note_attachments/picture.jpg

Naturally, if I dragged a file called ‘picture2.jpg’ to the note /home/user/Obsidian/history/2001/, the attachment would be located in /home/user/Obsidian/history/2001/my_note_attachments/picture.jpg

This feature would dramatically improve the organization of attachments in Obsidian.

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we already have this it’s in subfoder under current folder.

Thanks - looks like this was just released a few days ago!

Note: This feature was added in v0.10.8. Obsidian Release v0.10.8