Support for mouse button in hotkey

Use case or problem

Today, a lot of mouse (and gaming mouse) have more than 3 button.
For the moment, Obsidian doesn’t support these extra key, so we lost the possibility to have command on mouse.

Proposed solution

Add the support and recognize mouse button when clicked.

Current workaround (optional)

  • Using X Mouse Button control mapped on Obsidian you can set hotkey from obsidian.
  • If your mouse have special software (they must have it if you have more than 5 button), create a special (if you can) mapping for some obsidian hotkey.

Problem with these method : the hotkey you create can be used for another hotkey and you don’t have “more” hotkey. You can’t too use it to create “button 3 + K” for example.

Adding the support for mouse button can help to create more hotkey.


Im missing that SO MUCH. Even on a 5 button mouse it would improve the possibilities A LOT

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I just tried to set this up. Glad there’s a post already. Sad it’s not had much movement.