Support for key remapping in vim mode

As someone that doesn’t use the qwerty keyboard layout (I use colemak) I rely heavily on remapping keys (especially when using something with vim bindings). For me it’d be a game changer to be able to do something like the following from my vim config.

    nnoremap n j|xnoremap n j|onoremap n j|
    nnoremap e k|xnoremap e k|onoremap e k|
    nnoremap i l|xnoremap i l|onoremap i l|
    nnoremap u i|xnoremap u i|onoremap u i|

If there’s some way to accomplish this currently I’d appreciate a pointer on how to do this


Would love to have this. Switching my H and I keys would be so incredibly nice.

I’d like this as well, if only to remap the ESC key to something more reasonable. I’m surprised it’s not already in Codemirror, as key remapping is such a common modification in Vim. I know about the config file, of course, but nnoremap does nothing, either via the file or in ex mode in Obsidian.