Support Ctrl + N\P for navigation in modals

Use case or problem

I love Obsidian, it is a great product, however, I am annoyed, because I don’t have this feature.
I am using VIM keybinding and get used to Ctrl + N and Cntrl + P shortcuts as an alternative of arrow buttons in the several modals, list popups.
E.g in Google Chrome you can use Ctrl + N\P in the search bar. VS Code, Jetbrains products also support that.
Please, add these shortcuts to Obsidian as well.

Proposed solution

Add mapping for new shortcuts for the modal view.
Ctrl + N should be mapped to down arrow :arrow_down:.
Ctrl + P should be mapped to up arrow :arrow_up:.

Current workaround (optional)

No workaround, I have to use arrow keys instead.

Related feature requests (optional)