Support Ctrl+N/P for navigating items in dropdowns or making those configurable

As a primary user of vim I’m quite used to Ctrl+N/P keys to navigate over lists. Would it be possible to have it as an alternative way in Command Palette and other dropdown? Or would it be possible to add configuration for those?


Agreed. Cross linking from Meta Post - Hotkeys

+1 supporting this feature

I came here to request this as well. For now I used Keyboard Maestro to map Ctrl-N/P to up/down arrow when Obsidian is focused.

Also mentioned here: Hotkey for navigation within command palette and quick switcher

Personally, I’d love Ctrl-J/K (vim style), but I understand how that might differ in tastes. Luckily, the hotkeys settings are the perfect place where to customize the behavior.

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You’ve got that command palette concept like sublime/atom/vscode. If it holds any weight, the user can navigate the palette items in all of those apps with ctrl+n and ctrl+p. I’m a vi guy myself, and use the vim plugin for editing, but in places where the vi modal style of editing doesn’t make as much sense (like the palette), I’d expect basic emacs key bindings to work so I can keep my hands off the trackpad and arrow keys when possible.

+1 for this feature request. It the standard way of navigating dropdown lists in vscode, vim, etc.