Support Canvas snapshots in File Recovery

Use case or problem

When using Canvas, the user experience of File Recovery snapshots is difficult. In fact, there might not be a way to do it directly in Obsidian, as far as I can tell…

  1. There is no graphical view. It only shows the raw JSON, which many users won’t be able to read or understand.
  2. There is no way to restore the snapshot, except by “Copy to clipboard”, and then editing the file externally in a text editor. (As far as I can tell.)

Proposed solution

  1. Consider rendering the Canvas in the snapshots.
  2. More importantly, give some mechanism to make it easy to restore a snapshot of a Canvas without having to copy to clipboard. For example, a right-click menu on the snapshot, “Restore to this snapshot”. (That would be useful in Markdown files too.)

Current workaround (optional)

It seems the only way to restore a snapshot is by editing the clipboard contents into the file using a text editor.