Support all file types for the Sync and Publish services

I kindly request that Obsidian Sync and Obsidian Publish (that is, the services and their plugins) support any kind of file type. That is, not just images, audio, videos, and PDFs.

Use case or problem

I drop and reference any kind of file into my Obsidian Vaults, not limited to images, audio, videos, and PDFs.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Documents, spreadsheets, and keynotes (from both Microsoft and Apple office suites)
  • Archives (zip, rar, tar.gz, etc.)

Obsidian Sync

These files are missing in all synced Vaults that are not the origin one. I am missing several attachments:

  • In iOS devices
  • In other computers

There is no workaround to this. Syncing with another cloud solution (Dropbox, iCloud, …) is discouraged when using Obsidian Sync, and only iCloud is supported by the mobile app, anyway, which I would like to avoid.

Please allow “all other” (including a switch for “other”) files to be synced.

Obsidian Publish

Same use case as above, but now my public notes have broken links to “forbidden” attachments. I would like to share related attachments in my public notes.

These two missed functionalities severely limit the potential of Obsidian.

Proposed solution

  • Allow syncing any file type in Obsidian Sync. Have a “misc” toggle for all other files
  • Allow publishing any file type in Obsidian Publish. When a file can’t be visualized, make it downloadable instead of having it shown inline like with a pic.

Current workaround (optional)

Hosting files with another cloud solution and link to them in notes. Clunky.

Thanks for considering!


I have my files in git in addition to using the sync service. That way I can keep an eye on stuff like this. Keeping git and the sync service “in sync” has its own challenges though…

That is a nice suggestion to keep in mind, but, to my knowledge, it does not work with Obsidian Mobile (iOS, at least) and still with Publish.

Another workaround is to drop misc attachments to something like an S3 bucket, but that makes them (1) less private (2) fragmented wrt all other attachments.

FYI: The “working copy” app works very nicely as a git client on iOS. I don’t know anything about the publish plugin and how the might be affected though.

How do you use Working Copy from within the Obsidian Mobile mobile app? I also have it (love it!) but, to the best of my knowledge, any reference to Working Copy from Obsidian Mobile is then limited to iOS (thus, not visible in any other Obsidian desktop).

There’s a very thread already on using Obsidian with Working Copy. There’s some caveats around filenames with accented characters and large vaults in Git LFS, but otherwise the workflow seems solid.

On the desktop side of things, there’s a community plugin for working with Git directly from Obsidian, though I haven’t used it myself.

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Thanks, let’s keep this thread on the original issue then!

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I am going to close this FR. Please, open a specific one for publish. There is already one for sync.