Sums and averages in weekly notes

What I’m trying to do

I’m looking for a minimalist dataview statistics in my Weekly Notes that has the following funcitonality:

  1. Quantitiave work performance: Calculate the total of work hours, both deep-work-hours and shallow-work-hours in a given week.

  2. Qualitative work performance: Display the qualitative work performance (3 parameters, scale from 1 to 10) either in a table or a graph, while it shows the singular values for each day as well the average for the whole week.

I was browsing the entire internet, but I simply could not find an easy solution.

I use in-line variables in my Daily Notes:

deep-work:: 3.5
shallow-work:: 4

concentration:: 8
creativity:: 3
efficency:: 10

I’m not sure, whether this is necessary, but I also use these Front Matter values in my Daily Notes so that the retrieving of the value of a given week might be easier.

Type: Daily Note
Alias: {{date:dddd}} {{date:DD/MM}}
Week: {{date:WW}}
Month: {{date:MM}}
Year: {{date:YYYY}}

I’d greatly appreciate your help as I’m new to Dataview!

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