Suggestions for how to display a Dataview list of questions to myself

I would like to write a one sentence question as I’m working in a note and have those questions as a Dataview list for later investigation.

A task seems like a great solution because it also groups by parent note but I can’t see how I can restrict the resulting list to just “questions”.

I also investigated hashtags but then I just get a list of note titles.

This seems like it is a pretty straight forward thing for someone with more Dataview experience than me so I’ve looked for answers in the forum but either it hasn’t been addressed or I’m bad at searching :wink:

Thanks in advance.

Would it work for you to do use an in-line field in your notes:

Question:: what was the reason the Victorians started building proper sewage tunnels in London?

Than you could simply query for the question field

Table question as Question
Where question
(Make sure you use backticks, on phone I can’t find them :crazy_face:)

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In my note I make a task and include a an inline field like:

  • [ ] What year was Obsidian created? [type:: question]

Then on some other page where I want to see a list of my questions, I do a dataview task query like:

WHERE type = "question"

I’ve been able to accomplish this by putting #q in the task line and creating a obsidian-tasks codeblock:

description includes #q 

You could add other filters like “not done” to only see open questions.
More here: Filters - Obsidian Tasks

edit: Further, if you didn’t want to then see every note with a question in it tagged “#q”, you could just make the query “description includes ?” (or invent your own non-hashtag identifier)

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Thanks so much guys :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Kabo and jeremy_data suggestions are exactly what I was after. Just have to make up my mind which question format/answer layout is preferable.

Hallucinati (great username btw) I wasn’t aware of the Filters plugin so thanks for that knowledge. I’ll investigate it but first thought is not to add a plugin when I’m not a heavy Task user and at this stage just have this one requirement.

Well played all !

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