Suddenly all text files in my vault are gone, just the folders are left - sync issue?

I just opened my Obsidian vault and noticed that all my text files are gone except for some (95% of data lost). But the folders are still all there. It looks like every file that was deeper than 2 folders in is gone. Sadly that was most of my files.

I recently started syncing the vault with onedrive. Maybe there is a connection?

I know Obsidian has a file recovery feature, but I guess since the files are completely gone and not just changed it won’t be able to help me.
I tried looking through my onedrive trash bin but there’s about 50.000 files in there, you can only display 50 at a time, so it’s impossible to find anything. I hope MS support will be able to help me since a lot of work was in those files.

Does anyone know what could have happened?

Did you try looking at File recovery?

Yeah, I think it won’t help me since the files are completely gone and not just changed. It’s only showing me recovery options for files that are still in my vault.

@ousignol Sorry to hear about your situation. That sounds awful.

If you keep looking through the trash on OneDrive and find at least one of the notes, that would be promising. Likely you would be able to check the date it was deleted and restore the entire OneDrive to that date, if your version allows that.

If you can remember a name of one of the notes, I wonder whether you couldn’t create a new note with that name and place it where it once was and try out the File Recovery plugin on that specific note.

Good luck! Hope you get it figured out. Something tells me you will and the notes will have a wonderful new meaning to you. The best part of losing things is finding them!

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