Suddenly all images in fullscreen (affecting other textblocks as well)

Hey together,
am a newbie and am diggin deep into obsidian.

Now after I have installed cmenu, created some CSS scnippets - I was able to left/center/right allign and place images side by side. All great.

But suddenly I have a strange behaviour with images. Allthough I set them to for example 150px width - which is correctly shown in edit mode - when I leave edit mode and compile it - the images fills the full screen.

so first looks like this (correctly):

but then switches to this:

All qoutes which should look like this:

now look like this:

so also strech out.

I don´t remember having done anything but it suddenly startet to be like this.
Does anyone have an Idea what I did or how I can reset that behaviour?


Do you have a theme installed? If so, try disabling it to see if it causing this.
The theme may have a setting for this as well.

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:point_up: I second switching to the default theme.

In addition, turn on Restricted mode (Settings > Community plugins) and restart Obsidian. It may be a plugin causing the issue.

As suddenly as it happend it also disappeared after 1-2 hours working in obsidian - no idea why it happend but - it´s fixed now - thanks!

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