Studying User Interfaces and Looking for People to Fill Out a Survey on How they Use Obsidian!

Hello everyone! I am a Master’s student at the Georgia Institute of Technology and I am studying Human-Computer Interaction. I have chosen to research Obsidian for one of my course projects and need your help to gather data about how it can be improved! I am hoping that the results of this project will result in me creating a plugin for the community.

Feel free to take my survey: [Link removed]

Thank you to everyone for your help! I am really excited to learn how I can add to this community!

A small piece of advice: if this is for research purposes, I encourage you to provide more information about the study you are conducting, researchers involved, how the data will be used, where I can see results just to mention a few things. I understand this is a course project, however, I think is important to be mindful about how you approach your research practice as you are dealing with people’s information.

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100% agree. Plus when dealing with people’s time and attention.

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