Stuck on Loading cache

For those still struggling with this issue, who have tried everything in this thread to no avail (as I have), I may have another suggestion. Clear the file snapshot history.

“Settings” > “File Recovery” > “Clear History”
*This will not affect any of the files in your vault, only the snapshots of the files

This cleared the “Loading Cache” hang times for me instantaneously. Hope it helps! Cheers

Edit - you will need to wait through the very long load time before being able to implement this solution

I have had the same problem for about half a year. The loading time of my vault (about 10’000 notes) is getting bigger and bigger with time. I solve the problem by deleting the whole cache directory (in linux under ~/.config), but after two weeks at most, the problem is back. Does anyone have a definitive solution?

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tried everything. Nothing worked. Except being patient.
If it is because of the volume of data, I think putting a warning / msj for the user is low dev effort and a big win for the user experience. I have litterally lost 2hs of my time. Empathy starts with a transparent communication.

This Worked for me, I just reopened my vault and it seems to be working fine. I didn’t change the folder back.

For me, changing the name of the main vault worked perfectly. When I reopened the program, it did so quickly, and then I was able to load the vault as a folder in the usual way, with all the files in perfect condition. The day before, I had established many new links, modified several folders, etc. I think this might have been the cause, but I’m not sure.

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This worked for me:

  1. I deleted those folders:
    Code Cache
  2. and also disabled Add to Graph in the Fontmatter links plugin.

It now opens in about a second after getting to a minute or so. Fingers crossed this keeps up.


That worked for me as well. It had to re-index everything but when I have 20,000+ notes I’m not surprised.

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Yeah this is an issue about frontmatter links plugin, just disable it and restart will work.

Issue here Weird cache and indexing vault · Issue #18 · Trikzon/obsidian-frontmatter-links (

The following steps resolved the issue for me on a Windows system:

  1. Within the vault, rename the .obsidian folder to .obsidian_tmp. in your vault
  2. Either rename or remove the entire Obsidian directory located in \AppData\Roaming.
  3. Reinstall Obsidian using the installer.
  4. Open Obsidian; it should launch successfully.
  5. Delete the newly created .obsidian folder and rename your old .obsidian_tmp back to .obsidian. in your vault
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this worked for me on mac (using rm -R ~/Library/Application\ Support/obsidian to delete the entire Obsidian directory)

Just had this problem,don’t have frontmatter links plugin installed though . Luckily renaming the $HOME/.config/obsidian folder and re-opening the vault fixed it for me.
Comparing the old config folder with auto-generated one, two files are massive in the old one

  1. TransportSecurity
  2. Network Persistence State.

FOUND IT, finally.

Frontmatter Links plugin was causing the issue for me as well, just unticked the “Add to graph” option, and the “Loading cache” just disappeared, FINALLY.

Regarding the time, it took 20 seconds to me to load cache, on an M2 Macbook Air 8gb of RAM, and I only had ~2000 notes, so I guess that if you can’t even use Obsidian, move temporarly your notes outside of your vault in order to access the settings.

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I had the same problem, the thing that I did was really simple. Moved the vault to another folder closed the obsidian and opened it again and everything was working find. I got the problem since I accidentally moved a JavaScript code base with a large node_modules folder into my vault and I think indexing for a large node_modules folder is damn heavy lift for obsidian.

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Many many thanks. This absolutely helps. :+1:t3:

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It works! Thank you so much :smile:

Background: @Win 11 I meet this problem after I tried to copy a large directory with many small files into the Vault.

I Solved it by following steps :

  1. Uninstall Obsidian from the system. Then Restart the computer.
  2. Use the Everything search any ‘obsidian’ cache-like files and delete them.
  3. Use the Huorong Tool to clear up system’s rubbish… (Maybe this is unnecessary, but I just cleared it up.)
  4. Reinstall obsidian.

:slight_smile: Hope it helps.

Apparently, some node modules folders are so big that they create singularities, causing bugs in Obsidian.

I recommend deleting the Application Support folder of Obsidian and reinstalling it."

For anyone coming from the internet who wants another solution that Just Works:

Remove Vault From Opener List

While the vault in question is stalled, Shift+Click the Obsidian icon (or Mac: File → Open Vault) to open the vault opener. Open the Sandbox Vault and close the stalled vault. Open the vault opener again and you should be able to remove the stalled vault from the list. This cleanses the cache on Obsidian’s side without moving or deleting any files you may care about

Once done, re-add the Vault. If you use the default config folder (.obsidian) and the problem lies with a plugin, the problem will reappear and you know to rename your config folder and patch in your plugins and settings until you find a culprit causing it to freeze. If you use a different config folder name, it will reset to using .obsidian and you can start afresh.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024 07:38 This solution still works on Linux.

Thank you very much, using this method successfully solved my problem of my caching is loading a century everytime :>!!!