Struggling on sync, security and search

I’m feeling exhausted and about to go on a trip, but I have got a bit tangled with sync and would appreciate it if someone could give some help detangling it before I leave:

Four devices:

  1. Desktop PC - with my Obsidian vault inside OneDrive as backup, but running Obsidian sync
  2. Laptop - currently operahas a mirror of the vault through OneDrive, but also has Obsidian sync enabled
  3. Andriod Tablet - running with Obsidian sync
  4. Android phone - running with Obsidian sync

(I have paid subscriptions to Obsidian Sync, OneDrive, GCloud, ProtonCloud all with Yubikey hardware token 2FA. Can buy other encrypion services etc if necessary)

Help needed:

  • remove the duplicate (third-party) sync issue
  • if required, how to move/rename a vault (without breaking it)
  • keeping a real-time cloud backup
  • ensuring security as far as possible

Any advice would be appreciated as I’m run down and don’t want to mess it up.

Thank you.

Take the vault out of one drive from desktop or the laptop.

Thanks @WhiteNoise. Let me check I have this right:

OneDrive is syncing my documents, including the Obsidian folder, between the PC and laptop.

So on the laptop I…

  1. Create a new vault - outside of OneDrive - and set that up with Obsidian sync.

  2. Set the Obsidian folder inside the OneDrive to ‘cloud only’ so it doesn’t sync the PC Obsidian folder (which would then be a duplicate).

Is that correct?

Thanks again.

Remove from obsidian that vault (using the vault switcher)
Then do 1.

Thank you so much @WhiteNoise . Now I can rest…

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