"Strings" with plugin Numerals: how to?

Hey guys,

I am trying to use the Numerals Plugin, but I can’t use “strings”.

For example, I have the “variables” (expense_1, expense_2), etc. But, I am only able to use them using an underscore.

I would like to have the items in a more “readable” way, i.e., “Expense 1”, Expense 2", etc.

I tried to put them between " and ', without success. Someone knows a way to do that, please?

Thanks in advance.

It is currently not possible.

Numerals uses “the mathjs library for all calculations. Numerals implements a preprocessor to allow more human-friendly syntax, such as currency symbols and thousands separators. For all available functions and capabilities (which includes matrices, vectors, symbolic algebra and calculus, etc), see the mathjs documentation”.

Hence, the variable names must follow the JavaScript conventions.

You can open feature request on github.com.

Ok, thank you very much.

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