Strange tab behavior in imported html files

What I’m trying to do

I have imported a bunch of documents from html (worked great) but now working with them, when I try to insert a tab character, it seems to think I want a code block.

Things I have tried

I checked in a clean note and tabs work as expected. I opened one of the offending notes in Notepad to see if I could determine any weirdness, but nothing was visible that would indicate some sort of style or code.

Played around a bit more, it’s not a proper code block, it just switches to what looks like a monospaced courier type font.

If you indent a line/paragraph in Markdown using either multiple spaces or the tab character, it visually looks like a code block. See code block documentation.

There are currently, AFAIK, no good way to indent a single line/paragraph with other line/paragraphs being normal. You could achieve some indentation using CSS, but that would apply for the note itself (unless you install some plugin and extra notation to make it effect smaller portions).

Logically indentation can be achieved using either lists, callouts or quotes, but they all introduce some other visual element as well as the indentation.

So the question then becomes: Why do you want to indent using the tab character?

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Well, that’s the question, isn’t it? What I am trying to achieve is a simple way of differentiating between an imported text and my comments on it. I could use the quote formatting, but that feels backwards to quote myself…I could quote the whole document and “unquote” my comments, but again this seems cumbersome. Previously, prior to jumping into Obsidian, I would just make my comments a different color in the Google Doc.

Another option is to have the imported text in another document, and embed that into the current document. That way you could use CSS to add a more subtle visual hint that shows the imported text as something different.

You can of course also change the current styling of quotes to better match your visual requirements. And you could even add a CSS snippet so that this new quote style is only applied if you so specify some given class in cssclasses.

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True. I haven’t ventured into CSS with Obsidian yet.

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