Strange bug behavior when searching for file in command palette

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to find a file. It’s full path + filename is (it’s showing up here because I just opened it manually for illustration purposes. Normally it’s of course not on top that’s why I need to search):

So when searching, I would type rules (which is the file name!). And this shows up:

This makes absolutely no sense. Please see these notes in the result list - they are all non-existent and about to be created if I hit enter on them! Btw the filenames are apparently eslint linting rules. What’s going on here? Could this be some bug triggered by some plugin?

Please help

I also do not understand this behavior where it prompts me to create files in search panel - is it because these files are referred from another doc? Even so, why my target note (which contains rules in the filename) is not showing?

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