Storage size Sync

Hello! Ssory, i d’nt speak English. Only Google Translate:

What happens if the 4 GB storage becomes full?

Will the storage Sync be unlimited in the future?

Will it be possible to publish a note in “Obsidian Publish” to edit it by link?

Quoting Licat:

Sync will be unable to upload any new content, the sync settings page will show a size when getting close to 4gb, and there’s a utility to help find the largest files in the vault to delete.

There’s also a utility to manage deleted attachments (which are kept for 7 days) that you can use.

Not that I know of. Server space is expensive, so it might be that the devs eventually allow more space for an additional (monthly) price (I’m speculating, but follow this request for more info: Sync more vaults with Obsidian Sync, and pool space together)

Publish is a separate service from Sync. A publish subscription is per site, you can publish there as much or as little as you want (e.g. a single note, only a folder or your entire vault).

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