Storage of attachments for mobile

How do people deal with their file attachments?

I have a few that I put in a folder within obsidian.

But the majority i have as links to files on my one drive, as i am not sure if the Obsidian folder grows, I wont have the storage capacity on my Ipad or Phone to be able to sync.

What is everyone else doing with file control?

Good question!

I keep all my attachments in my Obsidian vaults.

I have a few vaults with relatively large attachments. One I don’t sync (my work vault), and the others I sync via Dropbox (my creative vaults). If the Dropbox vault got too large for my mobile devices I could use Dropbox to selectively sync only the files I wanted.

I sync a couple vaults using Obsidian Sync for the convenience, but neither of them have large attachments.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks, Something I will have to look into

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It is a pretty good idea.