Stop The *Annoying* Sharing Prompts

On Obsidian android, whenever I’m opening a spreadsheet, or another file from within my vault it always gives me a prompt to choose whether I want to share the file or open it with its designated app.


In this example, I’m trying to open a spreadsheet, and would like to have it directly open with the spreadsheet app but as you can see it gives me two options to choose from:

  1. Is to open it with the spreadsheet app
  2. Is to share it with someone (cogwheel icon)

I don’t want to share files, ever.

I want the spreadsheet to open after I click it. Since I’m constantly switching between spreadsheets, having to always click the spreadsheet first, then select the spreadsheet app, gets incessantly annoying.

The spreadsheet app is already set as the default app for these files and if I’m opening a spreadsheet outside of obsidian it doesn’t ask me to share it, it just opens.

But for some reason Obsidian disregards that and always asks me if I want to share the file.

Is there a way to stop Obsidian from doing this?

Please let me know, all input will be highly appreciated! Thanks!

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