Still Error: You cannot access or create vaults in Icloud because it's disabled for obsidian

Hello, i have met a horible problem that i cannot access in my app on iphone. The solution people solve is restart device, that’s a wonderful ending for them not me :). Then. I try to log in icloud on web to check if the data is still there, and i found them on app “Files”. So, I tryed to open Files on iphone and i saw that folder “Icloud drive” is not active. Hahaha, then i turn on “Icloud drive” at the setting. And search again “Obsidian” on “Files”, open a note inside that folder. … it will automatically open app Obsidian and load all remaining notes.
Maybe this circumstance can be help someone, so i write this post. I’m also helped by other members’ posts. Good day. :))

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