Stick to focus history after a pane is closed

At the moment, when closing a pane that had focus, the focus moves to the first pane that was opened (or to the most left pane. I am not sure what the logic is because in my situation both is mostly the same). This is irritating because panes are normally opened within a flow of work. When closing a pane that has focus the focus, therefor, should move to pane that had focus the last time before the now closed pane was focus. Basically, this means adhering to the chronology of focused panes.


Bumping this. It’s frustrating that the focus returns to the first pane after any pane is closed. If I have 5 panes open, and I close the 5th pane, the focus returns to the 1st pane.

Two more intuitive options:

  1. Go to the pane with the last focus (as OP suggested)
  2. Focus on the preceding pane (like browser tabs)

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