Starting Sync, now seem to have doubled my vault

My set up,
Win10 with vault in my iCloud
iOS app using iCloud.

I’ve been playing around with Obsidian for a few months and decided to go all in and got the Sync account set up (mostly because iCloud is not very good on Windows) a few days ago. Followed the directions to active the Sync plugin and the sync log shows everything is syncing. Did similar on iOS.

Now after a few days, I noticed that I have a few-day-old version of my vault within my current vault. If I do a Show In System Explorer, all files are showing on iCloud still, so what’s going on? Am I missing what Sync is doing? I thought the vault would no longer be sourced off of iCloud. Is this all just the local copy I should move on to a hard drive, then what happens on mobile, it seems to still link to iCloud.

Things I have tried

Inspecting all the files location and checking documentation to ensure Sync is set up correctly.
Searched for similar issues

What I’m trying to do

Have one sync’d vault and no longer have iCloud

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