Start of the week (Dataview, Periodic Notes, Calendar)

I’ve been using Dataview, Periodic Notes and the Calendar plugins for my daily notes and recently started using weekly, monthly and other periodic formats. I work with weeks starting on Sundays and I set it on the calendar plugin. However, I noticed that my dataview queries were returning the week as a Monday to Sunday and I want a Sunday to Saturday. I couldn’t find a way to set it in the plugin Options page.

I went into the plugin folder and changed the main.js file that had the constants for the Week days, but it still gives me Monday to Sunday. I wouldn’t mind it if the periodic files were created normaly, but the command to create/open weekly files usually gives me a “Unable to create new file” or mix up the week numbers because of the Sunday vs Monday setting that differs from one plugin to another.

If I set the calendars to start the week on Monday, everything seems to work.

Can someone help me figure out how to correct this, I really don’t like starting the week on Mondays.

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