Starred plugin : show starred in file explorer

request for showing starred items in the file explorer pane :

description :

  • starred items would have a filled star (or highlighted star) icon
  • folders containing starred items would have an outlined star icon
  • star icons should be floated on the right side to remain in view when the user resizes the pane, while remaining unobstrusive

Excellent idea!

I was going to request some way to pin or star notes within a folder. But your variant with showing starred item in File Explorer is much better, since it’s using existing feature and requires only UI changes.

Couldn’t this be a feature request to enhance the core plugin Starred? And if that were to happen, mayhaps a UI gesture, i.e. right click, to star or unstar notes in the file explorer. Don’t know about any but else, but starred notes come and go in my vault.

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Yes, it would be great if it was possible to star and unstar notes directly in file explorer. I believe something like Gmail would be nice:

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